When you start to feel the first signs of labor, the last thing you want to do is try to remember everything you are going to need! Save yourself some time and get some things together ahead of time. (Don’t wait until the last minute! Pack your bag about a month before your due date)

Mother holding up baby girl (3-6 months) smiling


Your hospital bag:

  • Important documents/identification: A picture ID, your insurance card, your birth plan, and any other paperwork the hospital may need.
  • Eyeglasses and contact lenses and solution, if you need them. Bring both if you have them so you can choose which you would prefer depending on the situation.
  • Cash/Change in case either you or people who are with you want anything from the vending machines.
  • Your own nightgown, robe, slippers, and socks. The hospital will provide these but you may prefer to wear your own. Flip flops are also useful to wear in the shower.
  • Something to do-reading material, tablet, personal dvd player and movies, etc. There could be a lot of down time so bring something to entertain yourself.
  • Something to make you feel comfortable, such as your own pillow (make sure you don’t bring one with a white pillowcase, so it doesn’t get mixed up with the ones provided by the hospital.) Being away from home can be stressful in itself, so bringing something to remind you of home/feel more comfortable is worth it.
  • Phone and phone charger (you may want to also bring an extension cord or invest in a longer phone charger cord, so you will have access to your phone while it’s charging). If you aren’t going to use your phone for a camera/video recorder, pack those as well!
  • Baby nail clipper and/or mini emery board-hospitals may not provide these and you don’t want you baby scratching himself!
  • Toiletries-anything you’d normally bring with you on an overnight trip.
  • Several pairs of maternity underwear, maybe even consider some adult diapers-they may be more comfortable and may prevent you from staining your clothes!
  • A notepad/journal/baby book and a pen-to record memories/questions
  • Homecoming outfit for you and your baby
  • Installed car seat-this should be done before you get to the hospital.
  • Nursing supplies if you plan on breastfeeding. Comfortable nursing bras
  • An extra bag-you’ll leave with more stuff than you came in with!


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